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4 Benefits to Using Pre-Sorted Medication

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4 Benefits to Using Pre-Sorted Medication

If someone told you that there was a free service that could save you hours and make your life easier, you might think it sounded a little too good to be true. However, many people have found the benefits of MedBox to be precisely that — the ease and convenience of a pharmacy and helpful nurse, all rolled into one.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Once you create an account with Ameripharma, the correct medications arrive at your doorstep (sans a trip to the pharmacy!) in a convenient box a week before you run out. Even when you order an emergency medication, we can have them delivered to you within four hours.*

Medications are Pre-Sorted

MedBox PacketOne of the best benefits of MedBox is that your medicines, and even vitamins, are all presorted and labeled in individual packets that scroll out, ready for you to take at the day and time specified. Just like having a nurse who always arrived with the correct medication at the right time, you can trust that your doses are accurate. An added benefit is that there will be no more wondering if you’ve already taken your medication! 

No More Dealing with waiting in line or Insurance

Think of the time you’ve spent on the phone with your insurance company, refilling medications, and waiting in line to pick them up. With MedBox, your prescription is conveniently delivered a before you need more, and Ameripharma takes over coordinating with your insurance company.

You Don’t Pay Extra

Despite all the added convenience and time saved, your co-pays and insurance company stay the same. This truly is the pharmacy of the future, delivered to your front door. The high level of accuracy can bring peace of mind that is worth its weight in gold.

With all the benefits of MedBox, patients are finding new freedom and the added gift of time with the convenience of this revolutionized way to manage medication.


*4-hours urgent delivery is the only available based on the case by case scenario.